SCCI 2019

Monday, 25 Feb. 2019

8:20-9:00am – Registration/Check In

8:45-9:00am – Welcome

9:00-9:30am – Decision Making: An Essential Facet of Effective Content
Michael J Albers
East Carolina University

9:30-10:00am – Evaluating UX Research Tools for Component Content Management System Design
Tharon W. Howard
Clemson University
Tayler Green
Clemson University

10:00-10:30am – UX Studies of Complex Websites: Proposing Methods for Studying Posthuman UX
Daniel Hocutt
Old Dominion University

10:30-10:45am – Coffee Break

10:45-11:15am – Intercultural Communication in Educational Institutions: Content Strategy of Websites of Pakistani Universities
Khawar Latif Khan
North Carolina State University

11:15-11:45am – Working Through Social Networking: A Burkean Approach to Analyzing Group Dynamics
Joseph E. Williams
Louisiana Tech University

11:45am-12:15pm  – Rhetorics of Risk and the Real: An Empirical Study on the Effects of Realism as a Design Strategy in Sea-Level Rise Communication
Daniel P. Richards
​Old Dominion University

12:15-1:00pm – Lunch

1:00-1:45pm – Keynote: Tech Comm Trends: Providing Value as a Generalist in a Sea of Specialists
Tom Johnson

Williamson Health & Medical Communication Track

1:45-2:15pm – Teaching Students to Design Visuals to Convey Complex Medical Information
Nicholas Bustamante and Jamie Newman
Louisiana Tech University

2:15-2:45pm – Precarious Data: Crack, Opioids, and Visualizing a Drug Abuse Epidemic
Candice A. Welhausen
Auburn University

2:45-3:00pm – Coffee Break

3:00-3:30pm – An Interprofessional Collaboration to Improve Wayfinding in an Adult Emergency Department
Michael Madson
Medical University of South Carolina

3:30-4:00pm – Biomedical Plagiarism as a Problem of Complex Information
Lisa DeTora
Hofstra University

4:00-4:30pm – Contextual User-centered Design – A Provisional Framework for Design Without the User
Jessica Lynn Campbell
University of Central Florida

4:30-5:00pm– Culture and Ecologies of Care in Medical Usability Contexts
Kirk St.Amant
Louisiana Tech University and University of Limerick

Tuesday, 26 Feb. 2019

8:20-9:00am – Registration/Check In

8:30-9:30am – Poster Session
A Corpus-assisted Analysis of Academic Job Advertisements
in Technical and Professional Communication (TPC)
Yeqing Kong, North Carolina State University and Chenxing Xie, North Carolina State University

Mindful Information Design: Communicating Dataviz Color Meaning to Global Audiences
Jonah Schwartz, Independent Scholar

Re-Centering Human Meaning Making in Big Data: A Case Study at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Trinity Overmyer, Purdue University

Health Information & Localization User Research in the U.S. and Canada
Tara Lynn O’Brien, Arizona State University

Detecting Differences in National Ideologies in News Reports on US and China Trade War
Jianfen Chen, North Carolina State University

Visual integration of Science Through Art
Jamie Newman, Louisiana Tech University

9:30-10:00am – Epistemological Uncertainty and Communicating Risk Using Bayes’ Theorem
JD Applen, University of Central Florida

10:00-10:30am – Panel Presentation: Content Strategy in Technical Communication: An Overview of Best Practices
Guiseppe Getto, East Carolina University

10:30-10:45am – Coffee Break

10:45-11:15am – New Interaction Design for Complex Communication in Network Operations Outage Notifications
Jason Lawrence, Southern Connecticut State University

11:15-11:45am – Social Media and Credibility of Complex Information: A Review of Research and Recommendations for Use
Clinton R. Lanier, New Mexico State University

​11:45am-12:45pm – Lunch

12:45-1:30pm – Panel Presentation: Scaling Up the 20K Initiative for Homes: Articulating Complexity to 11+ Audiences
Susan Youngblood
Auburn University
Michelle Sidler
Auburn University
Natalie Butts-Ball
Auburn University Rural Studio
Norman E. Youngblood
Auburn University

1:30-2:00pm – Closing Group Discussion Session: Venues for Sharing/Publishing Symposium Papers and Ideas