SCCI 2020

Sunday, February 23, 2020

5:00pm— 6:00pmHealth and Medical Communication Salon Meet-UpMonarch Recovery Sports Grill (Hotel Bar)
6:00pm— 8:00pmGroup Dinner (all attendees)La Herradura

Monday, February 24, 2020

8:30am—5:00pm, Darden College of Education Bldg, Room 1106

8:30am— 8:35amADaniel Richards
Old Dominion University
Opening Remarks
8:35am— 9:00amAMichael Albers
East Carolina University
Communicating Complexity
9:00am— 9:30amALisa DeTora
Hofstra University
Biomedical Authorship as Complex Information
9:30am— 10:00amAMichael Madson
Medical University of South Carolina
Improving Wayfinding in an Adult Emergency Department: Has an Interprofessional Intervention Worked?
10:15am— 10:45amBMichael J. Klein
James Madison University
Cross-disciplinary Vaccine Education through a Campus-Community Partnership
10:45am— 11:15amBJD Applen
University of Central Florida
Genome Sequencing as an Inhibitory Boundary Object
11:15am— 12:00pmBMelinda Krakow
National Cancer Institute, Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch
Lauren Maggio
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Laura Moorhead
San Francisco State University
Communicating Complex Cancer Research to the Public
1:00pm— 2:00pmKeynoteJean Goodwin*
North Carolina State University
Ethical Responsibilities for Communicators in the Climate Debate
2:15pm— 2:45pmCLisa Melonçon & Tanya Zarlengo
University of South Florida
Updating Participatory Methodology for Complex User
Experience Design
2:45pm— 3:15pmCRussell Kirkscey
Penn State Harrisburg
Relational mHealth App Development and Usability Testing for Older Adults
3:15pm— 3:45pmCAbigail Bakke
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Trust and Usability in Health Websites: Results from Interviews and Observations of E-Health Users
[+Data Samples Handout]
4:00pm— 4:30pmDStaci Defibaugh
Old Dominion University
Communicating the Complexity of Diabetes: A Case Study of NP-Patient Interactions
4:30pm— 5:00pmDDavid Daly, Sr.
Plain English for Doctors LLC (Author & Founder)
Using Vibrant Language in Medical and Public Health Materials
6:00pm— 8:00pm Dinner: Hair of the Dog Eatery
*Keynote Background: Jean Goodwin (Ph.D. UWisconsin, J.D. Chicago) is SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric & Technical Communication in the Department of Communication at NC State University. Her research in argumentation studies focuses in particular on the roles scientists can usefully play in civic controversies, such as those over climate change, GMOs, and sustainable agriculture. She emphasizes the importance of communication ethics in defining the responsibilities scientists undertake in providing information, synthesizing reports, offering advice, and even advocating.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

8:00am—3:45pm, Darden College of Education Bldg, Room 1106

TimeSessionPresenter Name and Presentation Title
8:00am— 9:00amPostersBrenton Faber
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
“Curations: Genre + Intention”

Suzan Flanagan
East Carolina University
“Green UX: Sustainable Digital Content Design”

Alex C. Nielsen and John Shull
Virginia Modeling Analysis & Simulation Center
“Digital Wunderkammer: Full-Stack UX and Development of VR Narrative Modeling Solutions”

Laura Roberts
North Carolina State University
“Communicating for Openness: Creating Documentation for Open Science Projects”
9:00am— 9:30amEHuiling Ding, Jet Wang, Chenxing Xie, Kelia Ray, Yeqing Kong, & Hunter Jones
North Carolina State University
AI-Assisted Recruiting and Screening: Tools, Processes, and Strategies
9:30am— 10:00amEDavid Young & Jay Jaganaath
Georgia Institute of Technology
AI Approaches to TC: The REUL Lab and NLP Strategies for Disseminating Complex Information
10:15am— 10:45amFJason Swarts
North Carolina State University
How Topic-Based Writing Scaffolds Engagement with Complex Documentation Sets
10:45am— 11:15amFJoanna Schreiber
Georgia Southern University
Scandal and Communication Design: The Case of Wells Fargo
11:15am— 11:45amFJulie Gerdes
Texas Tech University
Designing for Transparency in Complex Federal Information Contexts
12:45pm— 1:15pmGTharon Howard
Clemson University
Usability & UX Research in the Future: Mapping the Minefield
1:15pm— 1:45pmGDaniel Hocutt
University of Richmond
Expanding Usability Studies of Complex Websites to Include Posthuman Users
1:45pm— 2:15pmGD’An Knowles Ball
Old Dominion University
UX Testing of Immersion in Multisensory Virtual Reality
2:30pm— 3:30pmHGuiseppe Getto
East Carolina University
Designing a UX Course: Where Do I Get Started?
3:30pm— 3:45pmHReflection, Raffle, and Future Conference Sites