SCCI 2021

Monday, February 22, 2021

10:00am—12:00pm; 1:00pm—3:00pm (EST), over Zoom

Session 1: Design & Complexity (Session Chair: Michael Albers)

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TimePresentation Information
10:00am— 10:30amMichael Albers
East Carolina University
Complexity Decision Making
10:30am— 11:00amAmanda Altamirano & Sonia Stephens
University of Central Florida
Web Content Audits: A Powerful Tool for Complex Website Design
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11:00am— 11:30amYeqing Kong & Huiling Ding
North Carolina State University
Taxonomy, Pitfalls, and Opportunities of Social Profiling: Surviving in AI-assisted Recruiting Technologies
11:30am— 12:00pmNicole Stout & Tharon Howard
Clemson University
Exploring Accessibility in Instructional Design

Session 2: Data & Complexity (Session Chair: Huiling Ding)

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TimePresentation Information
1:00pm— 1:30pmHuiling Ding
North Carolina State University
Web 2.0 Smart Crowdsourcing during COVID-19: Beijing’s Multi-Sector e-Health Initiative
1:30pm— 2:00pmKhawar Latif Khan & Nida Khan
North Carolina State University
The Effect of Service Quality of Banks on Customer Satisfaction in Pakistan: The Need for Chatbots
2:00pm— 2:30pmMichael Madson
Arizona State University
Data Mining FDA Docket 2019-N-1482: A Cross-Field Collaboration to Understand Public Perceptions of Cannabis
2:30pm— 3:00pmLisa Melonçon
University of South Florida
Qualitative Analytics and Research Justice

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

10:00am—12:00pm; 1:00pm—3:30pm (EST), over Zoom

Session 3: UX & Complexity (Session Chair: Dan Richards)

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10:00am— 10:30amDan Richards
Old Dominion University
UX as a Political Instrument: Finding Solutions to Wind Energy Siting in Virginia
10:30am— 11:00amKylie Carlson & Tharon Howard
Clemson University
Preparing for a Career in the User Experience Industry
11:00am— 11:30amJessica Lynn Campbell
University of Central Florida
Employing a Mixed-Methods Approach to Examine Multiple Usabilities that Shape UX
11:30am— 12:00pmGuiseppe Getto, East Carolina University
Jack T. Labriola, Kennesaw State University
Suzan Flanagan, Utah Valley University
Mobile UX in an Age of Multiplying Devices: Challenges, Frameworks, and Unanswered Questions

Session 4: Health Communication & Complexity (Session Chair: Lisa DeTora)

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TimePresentation Information
1:00pm— 1:30pmLisa DeTora, Hofstra University
Kirk St.Amant, Louisiana Tech University
Complexities of Complex Health Communication
1:30pm— 2:00pmCristy Kennedy & Sara Doan
Kennesaw State University
Comparing COVID-19 Messaging between Public Health Accounts and African American Organizations in the Southeast 
2:00pm— 2:30pmJoanna Schreiber & Sedona Benjamin
Georgia Southern University
Editing Complex Information
2:30pm— 3:00pmJD Applen
University of Central Florida
Florida’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard
3:00pm— 3:30pmCarrie Elzie, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Holly Tenaglia, Eastern Virginia Medical School / Virginia Modeling Analysis & Simulation Center
Alex Nielsen, Old Dominion University / Virginia Modeling Analysis & Simulation Center
Designing Living Donor Narratives to Engender Anatomy Lab Learner Empathy

Closing Session and Reflection (All Participants)


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