Symposium Structure

This two–day symposium is designed to maximize the exchange of information and ideas among the participants. To do so, the symposium consists of short (15-minute) presentations followed by 15-minute group discussion. The objective is to share ideas and seek opportunities to collaborate on or expand research that examines communicating complex information in different contexts. In essence, the Symposium brings together teachers, practitioners, and scholars to address the over-arching questions of: (1) How can individuals collaborate to devise new approaches to the design and evaluation of complex information systems? and (2) How can individuals work together to define what is meant by usability/user experience and what constitutes usable information in complex systems?

In addition to the presentation and discussion sessions that take place on Monday and Tuesday of the Symposium, social events on Sunday and Monday evenings allow participants to network as well as to continue discussions started during Symposium sessions.